NEW FOR 2015

Junior Bats


For lightness with power
  • GM Control™ Grip
  • Lightweight Design
  • Thick Power Edges
  • High Swell Position
  • GM Powerarc Blade
  • Super Concave Profile & Toe Up

The first new bat size in 100 years. An important innovation from the GM youth development and coaching scheme.

Lightness with power. Fills the void for junior batsmen who are too tall for Harrow but are not ready for a Full Size bat.

Too often junior players use bats that are a size too big for them, particularly when stepping from Harrow to Full Size.

Bats that are too heavy force the player to alter his grip trying to lift the bat when playing a shot, bringing the bat down across the line of the ball.

Likewise bats that are too long prevent the bat being picked up correctly as the top of the handle gets in the way.

All top coaches agree that choosing the correct size bat is vital for proper technical development.

The ACADEMY bat size enables a junior batsman to obtain power without having to graduate too soon to a Full Size bat.

Special willow selection and custom blade and handle specifications produce a light, compact bat which retains the driving power of a full size bat, has an excellent pick-up and allows the aspiring player to concentrate fully on developing batting technique. Gunn & Moore particularly recommend Academy bats for players between about 5’6” and 5’9”.

Perfectly scaled junior bats. Thanks to DXM technology the shape and profile of all Junior GM English Willow Bats directly replicates the shape of the Adult versions.

The GM factory is the most technologically advanced in the world and only GM blends state of the art DXM technology with over 125 years of craft experience.

All GM English Willow cricket bats are designed and produced from prime English Willow by our own craftsmen and women in our own factory in Nottingham, England.